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Choose from consigned tails in stock or

have a custom tail made especially for your horse!

Supply changes daily so please check on color availability.


Email photo or mail hair sample.



To have a switch made from your hair send to:

Madge Bass
PO Box 224
Simpsonville, KY  40067

Please send USPS Priority mail with Signature confirmation. Please leave tail braided with ends secured. 

Cost is $135 and includes Priority Mail return


Will consign any tail at whatever price you state. 
Tail Lady retains 20% of the selling price after credit card fees.


The Tail Lady will purchase any full tail between 5 & 8 feet long for $100 per foot.

IMPORTANT:  In all shipments, please include contact information and instructions to sew and return, consign, and at what price, or purchase per foot.



Caps: All custom-made. Can be used with or without a tail brace. 

Cost: $750.00 plus shipping.

Manes: Sewn in 3-4 inch segments  Measure from bridle path to withers for length. Cost: $12 per inch plus shipping.

Feathers:  Hair sewn onto either side of a 3 inch wide strip of fabric. Fits between tail and brace. Cost: $375
plus shipping.

Flip Tail:  Prices vary according to length and thickness

All items are subject to applicable sales tax.

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Inventory changes so quickly it is not possible to display.  Please call or email to check availability or place a custom order!

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