Choose from consigned tails in stock or have a custom tail made especially for your horse!

Supply changes daily so please check on color availablilty.


Email photo or mail hair sample.

New for 2020
No tails, caps, feathers or manes will be allowed out for approval without a valid credit card.  If the product is not returned or paid within 7 days from ship date, credit card will be run with 3.5% up charge.



To have a switch made from your hair send to:

Madge Bass
PO Box 224
Simpsonville, KY  40067

Please send USPS Priority mail with Signature confirmation. Please leave tail braided with ends secured. 

Cost is $120 and includes Priority Mail return


Will consign any tail at whatever price you state. 
Tail Lady retains 20% of the selling price.


The Tail Lady will purchase any full tail between 5 & 8 feet long for $100 per foot.

IMPORTANT:  In all shipments, please include contact information and instructions to sew and return, consign and at what price, or purchase per foot.



Caps: All custom made. Can be used with or without a tail brace. Cost: $650 plus shipping.

Manes: Sewn in 2-3 inch segments  Measure from bridle path to withers for length. Cost: $10 per inch
plus shipping.

Feathers:  Hair sewn onto either side of a 3 inch wide strip of fabric. Fits between tail and brace. Cost: $350
plus shipping.

Flip Tail:  Prices vary according to length and thickness

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