Send your tails to be made into switches.  You may reasonably expect tails to be finished and returned to you within 2 weeks.  During the height of show season, it may take a bit longer depending upon travel schedule.  On Winter break each year from Thanksgiving through New Years Day.

Rush orders are welcome just be sure to mark as such on package or call ahead to alert. 24 hour turn-around is often possible.

Cost: $120.00 with free shipping.  Add $25.00 for rush orders.

Preparation:  It is preferable that tails remain braided up as they will not be unbraided until sewing is complete.  To remove tail from the horse, tape tightly just below where you want to remove the tail and cut straight across just above the tape.

Send to : Madge Bass
                  PO Box 224
                 Simpsonville, KY  40067

Please send USPS Priority Mail with

Will take tails or other hair on consignment. 
If sold, the charge is 20 percent or $300.00, whichever is greater.

Sell  Your Hair
If you prefer to sell your hair directly to the Tail Lady, I will purchase any full tail at least 5 feet long for $100 per foot.
Tails over 8 feet long are more difficult to sell, so please check with me before sending for direct purchase.
         Your Hair
Send It~Sew It~Sell It~Consign It