Satisfaction is Critical!

Ordering a custom hair product is like ordering a tailored suit.  They are not returnable nor are refunds an option. It is, however, very important that you are satisfied.  Alterations and adjustments can be made to assure that  the finished product is just what you need. Any changes can be made up to 2 weeks following delivery.  If changes involve adding more hair, additional charges may apply as well as shipping and insurance costs.
Madge Bass
PO Box 224
Simpsonville, KY
To Order/Pay
Call Madge Bass at 502-299-8523 or email bass.madge@gmail.com to order a custom tail switch, feathers, cap or mane.  To purchase a tail from the consignment inventory please check to see what is available.   The "in stock" tails change every week.
For Tail orders, please email a photo of the horse or provide a hair sample:  Mail to